About Royal Supply

Our company was founded by a couple of long-term friends driven by the desire to play an integral role in a rapidly expanding and evolving cannabis industry. Our mission is to be a leader in the product packaging marketplace.

We strive to build long term relationships with our customers by providing them with high quality solutions to their packaging needs through a complete and simple process. Our number one goal is to meet the needs of our customers and create solutions for their business.

We have expanded from our early days of shipping inventory out of a bedroom, to operating an expansive fulfillment center with facilities on the east and west coast that serve customers from all 50 states. We eagerly await opportunities to develop new partnerships and grow our existing relationships.




As a serial entrepreneur and somebody who loves business, nothing gets him more excited than opportunity. In today’s world, opportunity exists everywhere, you just have to be able to see it and execute on it. Out of this most basic principle, Royal Supply was born.

Having the ability to play a significant role in an industry on the ground floor doesn’t come around very often. When it does, and it happens to be an industry you’re passionate about, it’s the perfect storm.

Creating businesses has always been a passion of Robert’s since grade school. Since finishing his Master’s degree in Accounting, Robert has been involved in a number of successful start-ups. Outside of business, Robert stays active whether it be playing soccer, snowboarding, or hiking and spending time outdoors with his dog Natty.


Director, Business Development

There are few people on our team as sociable and likeable as Brooks. He is our Director of Business Development and maintains relationships with all of our key partners on a business to business level. His charisma, passion, and happy-go-lucky attitude provide him the ability to instantly connect with each person he meets.

Living on the East Coast his entire life he recently took the plunge to move to the Bay Area in order to encapsulate himself within the business.  Although loving the scenic views and endless Mexican restaurants in the Mission he is still adapting to the ever-daunting steep rolling hills while exploring the city.


Fulfillment Center Manager

Betty oversees our fulfillment center and is a rock star when it comes to all things order processing. She’s the one that’s going to make sure your orders get processed in an accurate and efficient way. With years of experience working in supply chain management, her previous job at Amazon allows her to apply the principles and best practices of a world class fulfillment center.

As a California native, Betty is fortunate to have a large family in the area who she enjoys spending her free time with. However, even with a large family, she can’t help but play favorites with her dog Ziggy who is a frequent visitor to the warehouse.


Lead Project Manager

To put it simply, Rene is the guy that makes everything work. He’s overseeing and executing on the critical, behind the scenes stuff that make this business function on a day to day basis. Rene has been with the company since day 1 and has been a huge part of our online success.

Rene’s extensive ecommerce experience makes him a force to be reckoned with when it comes to executing high level projects. However, at the end of the day, Rene is a family man with two wonderful daughters and a loving wife.


Customer Relations Manager

Beth is by far the nicest and sweetest person on our team, which makes her the perfect person to lead our customer relations department. The many accolades we receive for our great customer service stem from Beth. Beth and her team handle each and every customer concern personally and won’t stop until they have made the situation right.

Beth is great at her job because she’s an awesome person who can get along with anybody. When she can, she loves to travel around the world exploring different cultures and finding that next adventure.