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If you’re looking for the best cartridge mouthpiece on the market today, the one used by all of the top brands, this is it. This mouthpiece has been designed and manufactured by Royal Supply using the highest quality raw materials and quality control procedures to ensure a consistent and reliable product.

The Royal Supply Bullet Tip Ceramic Mouthpiece is going to produce great tasting and consistent clouds for a longer period of time. The most important part of any cartridge is the mouthpiece, which is why we have spent so much effort developing the best result possible.

To us, quality control is the most important part of manufacturing cartridges and mouthpiece. At our factory, we implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure the highest quality products. This starts with fully understanding every aspect of the cartridge or mouthpiece and hand selecting the absolute best raw materials to make highest quality product possible. We understand how costly even a single defective cartridge can be to a business and we actively work to improve our process. Because of this, we completely stand behind all of our cartridges or mouthpieces produced.




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