How do I unclog my vape cartridge?

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How do I unclog my vape cartridge?

Depending on how clogged your cartridge is will depend on how effective this following method is. 


The first thing you should try is to use a battery with a button on it, an automatic battery will not work for this method. From there, you should make sure the cartridge is connected properly, and then you will hold down the button for 5-8 seconds to heat up the oil. Do not attempt to take a hit at this point, you’re just wanting to heat up the oil. 


The reason your cartridge is clogged is because the airflow has gotten clogged with vape oil that has solidified. When you heat up the oil inside the tank, you should normally be able to get suction again since the oil is now much thinner. After you have heated up the oil, you can try to hit it normally and use enough suction to clear out the air flow. 

Be very careful with this method. When you heat up the oil and suck through the mouthpiece to take a hit and unclog it, you may experience some oil making its way through and into your mouth. 


At the end of the day, clogged cartridges are no fun because there’s only so much you can do. Do your best to keep your cartridges in cool places when you store them and absolutely never take off the mouthpiece once it has been filled.

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