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43mm 3OZ Glass Flush Jar

This newer version on 3oz glass jars is paired with our Child Resistant Black Lid. These caps are different than our original grooved caps as they are flush to the glass base and a smooth top with easy to read “Push Down & Turn” engraving to direct how to open and close the lid. Lid includes a poly liner, which helps seal in oxygen and moisture to protect your product from environmental damage.

Quantity Total Units Price per Case
1 120 33.00
2 – 9 240 – 1080 33.00
10 – 24 1200 – 2880 30.00
25 – 99 3000 – 11880 27.00
100 – 249 12000 – 29880 23.00
250+ 30000+ 20.00
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Your one-stop-shop for compliant packaging. Everything from Certified Child Resistant Glass Jars, to Exit Bags. We’ve got what you need, except the weed.

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