HAWAII Marijuana Packaging and Labeling State Law

HAWAII Marijuana Packaging and Labeling State Law

Hawaii’s cannabis labeling and packaging guidelines come from Chapter 32D – Medical Marijuana Dispensary System:

• Advertising and packaging. (a) The department shall establish standards regarding the advertising and packaging of marijuana and manufactured marijuana products; provided that the standards, at a minimum, shall require the use of packaging that:

• Is child-resistant and opaque so that the product cannot be seen from outside the packaging;
• Uses only black lettering on a white background with no pictures or graphics;
• Is clearly labeled with the phrase “For medical use only”;
• Is clearly labeled with the phrase “Not for resale or transfer to another person”;
• Includes instructions for use and “use by date”;
• Contains information about the contents and potency of the product;
• Includes the name of the production center where marijuana in the product was produced, including the batch number and date of packaging:
• Includes a barcode generated by tracking software; and
• In the case of a manufactured marijuana product, a listing of the equivalent physical weight of the marijuana used to manufacture the amount of product that is within the packaging, pursuant to section 329D-9©
– Any capsule, lozenge, or pill containing marijuana or its principal psychoactive constituent tetrahydrocannabinol shall be packaged so that one dose, serving or single wrapped item contains no more than ten milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol; provided that no manufactured marijuana product that is sold in a pack of multiple doses, servings, or single wrapped items, nor any containers of oils, shall contain more than a total of one hundred milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol per pack or container.

For more information, please refer to Chapter 32D – Medical Marijuana Dispensary System

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