Glass Jars, Tubes, and Bags: Which marijuana packaging is best for flowers?

Glass Jars, Tubes, and Bags: Which marijuana packaging is best for flowers?

Cannabis packaging is a billion-dollar industry that’s expected to quadruple by 2026. As the industry evolves, so do product offerings as more brands branch out and differentiate.

So with the smorgasbord of options, what stands out as “the best” for your strain? That’s a loaded question, and dependent entirely on needs and budget.


  • Know the laws! States have specific packaging requirements.
  • Budget responsibly. Packaging costs vary widely. 
  • Custom or stock? Remember: Shelf appeal is real and audiences differ.
  • Think beyond the shelf. Consider the intangibles of bulky/heavy packaging vs. lightweight solutions.


Compliance is a critical factor when choosing marijuana packaging, and laws vary by state. Beyond labeling and warnings, brands must also consider child-resistant (CR) and tamper-proof options to ensure legal requirements are met. Compliance is a big deal, evidenced by booming sub-sectors within the cannabis packaging industry — namely CR containers.

Further, packaging laws are not set in stone. They’re evolving with the market, which means finding a proactive, compliance-minded packaging partner is critical to success.

Here are some quick links that outline state-by-state laws:

Alaska State Laws

Arizona State Laws

California State Laws

Colorado State Laws

Connecticut State Laws

Delaware State Laws

Washington D.C. State Laws

Hawaii State Laws


Illinois State Laws

Maine State Laws

Maryland State Laws

Massachusetts State Laws

Minnesota State Laws

Nevada State Laws

New Hampshire State Laws

New Jersey State Laws


New Mexico State Laws

New York State Laws

Oregon State Laws

Rhode Island State Laws

Washington State Laws

Vermont State Laws



There are a multitude of reasons why you might seek a sleek, branded glass jar to display your strains. But for those who are budget-conscious, there are a slew of reasons to opt for tubes or bags. 

Why you might consider glass jars:

  • Excellent real estate for branding/labeling, with easy label application process
  • Aesthetically pleasing shelf appeal
  • More likely to be kept after product usage
  • “Premium” feel

Why you might consider tubes or bags:

  • Tubes and bags generally weigh and cost less than jars
  • Child-resistant, smell-proof, and airtight options for less money
  • Affordable and ample branding opportunities, particularly with bags
  • Huge variety of colors, options, styles, sizes, and features



Depending on your distribution platform, you may or may not opt for custom packaging/branding options.

The argument for custom packaging is relatively straightforward: shelf-appeal is real and as more products enter the space, differentiation becomes necessity. However, this comes at a cost: it takes time to manufacture, and certain MOQs must be met.

Custom packaging is priced and scoped on a case-by-case basis. How much more you’ll pay depends on the application — labeling, for example, will cost less than custom foil printing or specialty finishes. 



Retail space is important, no doubt. But until you hit store shelves, consider a few factors that can have unexpected outcomes:

  • How will you store your packaging prior to use? How will you store unused packaging? Glass jars are bulky; bags carry a minimal footprint.
  • Heavier packaging costs more to ship. Are you allocating a budget for shipping to and from your company?
  • Cannabis packaging compliance is a moving target. Change is constant; plan for it.


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